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Calling all artists!


Want to engage as a co-conspirator against transphobia through art?

Want to showcase your vision of transgender liberation?

Trans-Presence @ CUNY invites students from across the CUNY schools and programs to create an artistic visual representation which speaks to the history of resistance, resilience and liberation of the transgender community in New York City.

For this project, art can include paintings, drawings, prints, photography, digital visual media (with a version of which can be printed) and any combination of these.

In coordination with the DSC and CUNY facilities, works will be displayed at the Graduate Center as part of a permanent exhibition. Artwork must be able to be integrated into a permanent display, preferably with the option of being displayed on a wall.  (Please note any submitted works will not be returned to the artist.)

Call for Submissions:

    • Participating artists who identify as members of the trans community will be provided with stipends for their submission (stipends range from $150-$300, depending on number of submissions.)
  • Student artists identifying as cisgender co-conspirators against transphobia are asked to create works which highlight contributions, accomplishments/achievements or other otherwise invisibilized experiences of the trans community.

Expression of intent to submit an art piece due  April 20, 2019 with submission of final product due by April 30, 2019. Interested artists please contact dmelendez@gradcenter.cuny.edu or complete the proposal submission form.

This project recognizes the powerful impact art can have on people and on shifting our culture- both through resistance and healing. It is the goal of this project to engage cisfolks in exploring and realizing their level of accountability in addressing issues faced by trans students within the CUNY community. This project seeks to engage students, faculty and staff, regardless of their gender identity, in learning, celebrating and coming together around lifting up the lived experiences of transfolks and the resistance of transphobia through art. Artworks will be part of a permanent exhibit within the Graduate Center-CUNY.